Transit report May 28th 2017

I decided to write this report because there are a few significant changes occurring in the sky in the next few weeks and I wanted to increase awareness of these energies penetrating our environment and how they might influence you.

“Know Thyself”

The ‘sidereal’ placement of the luminaries are as follows:

Planetary body Retrograde Degrees Constellation


1’ 41” Sagittarius


19’ 41” Virgo
Mars 1’ 04” Gemini
Sun 13’ 17” Taurus
Venus 27’ 35” Pisces
Mercury 20’ 25” Aries
Moon 21’ 54” Gemini
Rahu (North node) 4’ 19” Leo
Ketu (South node) 4’ 19” Aquarius
Pluto 24’ 57” Sagittarius
Uranus 2’ 44” Aries
Neptune 20’ 04” Aquarius

Eastern Horizon @ 4’ 44” Cancer at the time of writing.

Our current new moon in the sign of Taurus was Thursday May 25th, bringing personal focus to that part of your life that Taurus governs. The astrological house 1-12 particular to your ascendant sign will be affected, for example if you have Taurus in your 4th house, that is where the influence of this sign will be felt most.

1st half of planetary energies.

Coming with this New Lunar cycle, we have notable activity in the fire sign triangle, composed of Uranus in Aries, North node (Rahu) in Leo and Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, all within the first few degrees of each sign. This transit makes one question and become obsessed about their particular purpose wanting a complete change from their present circumstance. It is following one’s own truth. This is a calling out of the mundane for some, and a sealing of one’s will for others.

Then on Wednesday, the 31st of May, Venus (Lord of Happiness) will join the mix when she leaves the waters of Pisces where she has been exalted for the last 4 months. She will touch the fire of will and truth in the first degrees of Aries, where she transits for the next month, adding her energy and influence to this month’s fire triangle of sudden unrestricted change. Thus, this is the time to follow your personal will to love as this energy carries the power of miracles.

Moving on to Saturday, June 3rd, Mercury will move into the constellation of Taurus bringing with it a message in regard to the house of your horoscope represented by this zodiac sign. While it travels through this sign of foundation and security, it will give Jupiter the message on the 13th, via a 2nd trine aspect for this lunar cycle. Some can expect some kind of financial/spiritual blessing to come to one or both of the houses that are occupied by Taurus and Virgo. Some could experience increased conflict, depending on the horoscope, but this is a time that is beneficial for you to work through whatever comes to the surface. The message mercury takes to Jupiter will be that which was taken from the fire trine of force in this lunar cycle.

2nd half of planetary energies.

On Friday, June 9th, we have our full moon in Scorpio, Jyestha nakshatra. Also, Jupiter will change direction moving forward in the nakshatra of Hasta. Though Jupiter energy does not function well with all the little details, there will be an exchange with mercury giving the next 13 weeks the potential for great growth, change and possible breakthroughs for healing disease or conflicts. All of these relate to the message that Jupiter receives from Mercury on the 13th. This is materializing the energy of the fire trine and bringing that passion to life potentially providing the solution, but not the method to the answer.

On the 15th of June, the Sun will break through into the sign of Gemini, creating an opposition with Retrograde Saturn, changing signs from Sagittarius to Scorpio. This will enhance self-confidence at this time without the restriction of a direct Saturn. Mercury will combust following the sun into Gemini on the 18th, Sun/Mercury trine Ketu (South node) in Aquarius, so pay attention to what you speak during this time. This kind of communication can cause unintentional burns to those with whom you speak. Conscious communication is most effective.

Saturn moves back into the water of Scorpio on the 20th of June and it will be retrograde until the 25th of August. This energy going back into this sign, seals the transformations that happened over the last 2 years finalizing what was reborn during this karmic transit of Saturn in Scorpio. These will be addressed until the 26th of October when Saturn leaves Scorpio for the next 29 years. Spiritual longevity will be on the minds of many.

This lunar cycle closes on the 23rd of June with a new moon in the sign of Gemini. Let’s take this energy and work with it in this coming month as the energy is communicating transformation and change at a foundational level. We will see this fully manifest during our transit through Cancer at the end of July into August.

How the energy of these transits comes into your life and is experienced through your ascendant sign which is determined by your exact time and place of birth. It is for this reason that each Leo Sun born on the 23rd of August will live different lives and have different life experiences.

This is what makes you an individual and yet connects you to the whole universe.