In astrology, primary consideration and focus is often placed on the sun sign, but ultimately one needs to understand that we are all signs in different degrees as they influence our twelve houses, with the ascendant being the center of our greatest potential.


The ascendant sign is the constellation that was on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. The sign present at the dawn of our life is considered by astrologers to be soul-centred and thereby deemed vital in that it indicates soul path, purpose and expression. The ascendant sign can enlighten one to understand what their soul has come to do in this lifetime. Ultimately, the ascendant encompasses all of our being.


The ascendant sign determines where the first of our twelve astrological houses (explained in detail in a later article), begin. This order then assigns a primary sign to each of our houses providing a deeper insight into our astrological fingerprint. Some also consider the ascendant to relate to karma and past lives.


The sun sign is what most people in Western astrology focus on and is centred on self, interests, career, and other’s perception of us. It is our basic nature and personality traits.


The moon sign on the other hand reveals how we relate to others, how we feel, how we express those feelings and how we connect. It is also a reflection of our subconscious and intuition.


Your moon constellation or nakashatra, is also worthy of a mention here, revealing a compatibility between individuals and is even more detailed than the moon sign.


In combination, the entirety of our chart compiles a very unique individual and even sharing a similar ascendant or sun sign with another, does not make to individuals similar, as there are multiple determining factors.

The ascendant sign, however, does give us a starting point to self-understanding and inner enlightenment, shedding light on the root of who we are, what our purpose is and creates a path for deep self-discovery.


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