The state of being faithful to a cause, person, ideal, custom, institution, or product.

As the solar light crosses into the sidereal sign of Gemini, it is of worth exploring the particular characteristics of the guardian angel ‘Yezalel’, set over the first 5 degrees of this zodiac sign. When considering what loyalty is and to what it refers, one often primarily associates it with relationships. This is a very common understanding and not a surprising association because the sign of Gemini, being that of the natural 3rd house, is about close relationships (siblings) and is part of the trine, which further expands the notion of relationships. This trine also encompasses the 7th house (partnerships) 11th house (network circles). However, with that being said, this sign might actually be influencing a different area of your life.

So let’s look at where the loyalties of each Ascendant sign can be found.

Ascendant House loyalty Basic attributes of house
Aries 3rd Younger siblings, courage, own efforts
Pisces 4th Mother, native lands, property
Aquarius 5th Children, creativity, romance
Capricorn 6th Enemy, disease, conflict
Sagittarius 7th Married life, partnerships, courts
Scorpio 8th Transformation, longevity, occult subjects
Libra 9th Fate, philosophy, faith, wisdom
Virgo 10th Profession, honour, power, fame
Leo 11th Friends, society, healing
Cancer 12th Expenses, losses, charity
Gemini 1st Self, health, natural tendencies
Taurus 2nd Family, wealth, primary education

As the chart demonstrates, the loyalty of each ascendant is found in the house occupied by the sign of Gemini. Discrepancies may be found in this assessment because most derive personal ascendant signs via the tropical zodiac. The tropical zodiac is independent of the actual star constellations. If this is the case, it is important to consider and investigate star based, or Sidereal astrology. However, this is not the focus of this post.

What does the Tarot have to say about ‘Yezalel the guardian angel of loyalty and fidelity?

The name of this guardian angel, is expressed in Hebrew by the letters Yod, Zayin, Lamed, Aleph, Lamed and is read from right to left. The first letter Yod, as shown in the image above, is associated with the Hermit. The second letter Zayin, finds association with the Lovers. The third letter Lamed, is given to Adjustment (Justice in the traditional tarot). These 3 letters combined, create one of the 72 names of God, which when meditated on aids our personal transformation and inner redemption.

The following two letters, Aleph represented by the Fool and Lamed as we discussed finds Adjustment. These letters create a masculine energy in this guardian angel and can further resolve that ‘loyalty’ is more about giving than it is receiving.

Furthermore, the sign and element association of these cards can also elaborate on what is required for loyalty, fidelity, and even more so, inner redemption. The Hermit is given the attribution to Virgo and the Lovers to Gemini, both are dual/mutable signs ruled by Mercury. So the first 2 letters speak of the ability to communicate in a spirit of compromise. While Adjustment brings these qualities together harmoniously under the rulership of Venus in the moveable/cardinal sign of Libra (the natural 7th house of partnerships).

The Fool corresponds to the element of Air, which is attributed to the signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius being the natural 3rd, 7th and 11th house. This trine of Air in the Vedic philosophy is called ‘Kama’ meaning desire and usually refers to sexual desire, an aspect of life where most expect loyalty. It is notable, however, that this term also refers to any sensory enjoyment, emotional attraction and aesthetic pleasure, such as from arts, dance, music, painting, sculpture and nature.

All of this is summed up in the final letter Lamed and displayed in the image of the Adjustment card.

In closing, these insights can enlighten us to the aspects of loyalty and fidelity that are not obvious to the common understanding, therefore raising awareness to the spiritual concept of loyalty. Loyalty requires service, choice, and balance. It is the beginning and the end. Remember, when the melody the in music of life changes, so does the style and tempo of the dance.

This speaks to the invitatory Psalm of this guardian angel.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.’ Psalm 98:4

Loyalty should first be given to oneself as it is essentially the first relationship one experiences and without self loyalty, loyalty cannot be given to another.

‘Know thyself’.

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