Total Solar Eclipse

August 21st 2017

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is essentially a new moon that darkens the sun while transiting over it in perfect alignment and only happen when one of the lunar nodes (points where the orbit of the moon crosses the ecliptic) are involved to form the eclipse.  Rahu, the north node of the moon, known as ‘the head’ in Vedic astrology takes responsibility for this one. Solar eclipses have been seen as omens throughout history and were astrologically recorded and tracked. This one on the 21st of August is a total solar eclipse and these happen approximately every 18 months. However, the location it is visible from and the astrological sign it occurs in is far less frequent. These tend to be the omen points, indicating where it would be the most significant and have a greater consequence.

It will have an impact on both the psyche of humanity as a whole and on individuals. It also has astrological implications and triggers events in the area of life governed by the sign where these conjunctions take place in the chart of an individual. The sun and moon are both figurative representations of ‘father’ and ‘mother’, thus parents are often involved in some way. The sun signifies the soul and the moon, the mind, therefore these phenomena also influence those parts of each of us. A solar eclipse primarily affects the soul level of a person.

Where can you expect to have this impact your life? We see that from the ascendant (rising) sign of the natal horoscope. How will you feel about this impact? Look at it from the moon sign. How will it manifest? See it from the sun sign. It is also important to note that any natal planets that this eclipse transits over, will affect its signification either fortunately or unfortunately. These are most intense in the ascendant, midheaven, or midpoint of an astrological house.

This eclipse takes place in the sidereal sign of Leo in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Magha and the last time an eclipse of this nature in this sign occurred, was in August of 1887. For both Leo (1st house) and Scorpio (midheaven in the 10th house) ascendants, a soul level impact can be expected. Below are the houses influenced for each ascendant.

Aries, 5th house Libra, 11th house
Taurus, 4th house Scorpio, 10th house
Gemini, 3rd house Sagittarius, 9th house
Cancer, 2nd house Capricorn, 8th house
Leo, 1st house Aquarius, 7th house
Virgo, 12th house Pisces, 6th house

 House Meaning & Associations

This eclipse will be receiving a special aspect from retrograde Saturn in sidereal Jyestha, possibly causing some intense emotions and fears of the unknown that have a potential for aggressive and violent outburst.

It should also be mentioned that Uranus transiting Ashwini has the power to quickly attain an objective and Pluto through Purvashada holds the power to bring about invigoration. Therefore this can bring a quick unexpected change in philosophies, spiritual and educational pursuits concerning the area of life influenced by the sign of Leo. The fire trine is also said to represent life purpose and by default connects it to the 1st, 5th and 9th house respectively.

This is also receiving an opposition aspect from Neptune, the planet of mystery, and maya in the nakshatra of Shatabhisha contains the power of healing. So we might actually get a glimpse behind the veil, since this nakshatra derives its power from what is hidden, and in such the darkening of the sun can fuel the healing of ego.

Ultimately, the nakshatra of Magha retains the power of the astral body to cut its ties with the physical body. This energy plays a role as facilitator in a change of state, thereby relating it to endings and new beginnings.

Take this energy, work with and through it, this is an ascension eclipse involving Rahu the north node which in the horoscope indicates the purpose of the soul for this incarnation. A new beginning is on the horizon. How will you handle the transition?