August 21st 2017 Magha Solar Eclipse

This new moon eclipse takes place in the constellation of Leo, the sign of the King. The symbol for Magha nakshatra is a throne which project images like royalty, power, status and honour. In the vedic tradition this is overseen by the ‘Pitris’ (the ancestors) and therefore this nakshatra in its essence relates to our self-identity.

Now what should be noted is that the nakshatra of Magha follows after the nakshatra Ashlesha, a serpentine nakshatra symbolized by the hydra which represents the lower negative nature of our being, which must first be overcome in order to receive the crown of greatness bestowed in the nakshatra of Magha.

The sun will be eclipsed by Rahu, the north node of the moon. This shadow point is the head of the dragon, representing all knowledge. It’s nature is explosive and obsessive making it insatiable. The nodes are said to be enemies of the Sun and Moon but less so with the Moon. This eclipse has the power to strengthen the ego, if Rahu is working in its higher nature it can become the benefic king or intensify the ego if Rahu is working through its lower nature becoming controlling, oppressive and abusive.

However, a solar eclipse brings about a soul level transformation within each of us, whether we recognize it or not, it brings about a change that directly affects the ego. The eclipse basically blinds the ego or soul so the transformation doesn’t get resisted.

If there are any planets in this nakshatra, the associations of that planet will be directly influenced by this eclipse… the effects of this transformation, whether negative or positive will last for approximately 2 ½ years, one year for each minute of totality. The negative or positive influences will depend specifically on the individual birth chart.

The effects of the eclipse will be most intense in the position of the Ascendant (1st house), Midheaven (10th house) and Descendant (7th house) signs. So Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius ascendants will be the hardest hit by this particular solar eclipse.

Let’s take a look at how this might influence each ascendant.

Aries- 5th house- for you the influence comes through such things like children, the mind, intelligence, speculation and investments, love affairs, romance and love from spouse or partner… on a deeper level this house represents our spiritual techniques, practices, morals, integrity and humility.

Taurus – 4th house- for you this indicates things like mother, home life, happiness, contentment, heart, emotions and passions, and also such things as fixed assets, land, real estate, luxury items, endings and the close of life.

Gemini – 3rd house- for you the eclipse influences area such as; one’s own efforts and adventures, younger siblings, all desires, energy, excitement, initiative, motivation, courage and bravery, and all forms of close communication.

Cancer – 2nd house- for you the eclipse will dominate areas of life like; money, wealth, finances, education, speech, imagination, truthfulness family life and domestic happiness.

Leo – 1st house- for you this take precedent in areas of; personal self, ego, character, disposition, tendencies, strength, will power, well-being, dignity, self esteem, self-love and confidence. This will be a major impact on you for the coming couple years.

Virgo – 12th house- for you the ellipse touches the areas of life like, expenses, waste, debt, self-realization, enlightenment, secret enemies, bedroom/sexual pleasure, unknown places, travel to foreign lands, hospitals, prison and confinement.

Libra – 11th house- for you it falls on life areas such as, major goals, ambitions and desires, opportunities, eldest sibling, gains and profits by any means, sudden financial fluctuations, and supplemental monies.

Scorpio – 10th house- for you this is an intense eclipse, this is double impact because Magha is the 10th nakshatra and it’s happening in the 10th house where the sun has directional strength, expect to see this influence areas like, career, professional activities, fame, status, honor, worldly power, holy pilgrimages, activities that benefit society, authority figures, eminent persons, government officials.

Sagittarius – 9th house- for you this impact comes upon the life attributes of Father (western astrology give this to the 10th house), luck, fortune, solution to problems, religion, philosophy, faith, worship, guru, spiritual teachers, elders, wisdom, higher knowledge of all kinds, law, charity and virtue.

Capricorn – 8th house- for you the effect is felt in areas of life dealing with issues of life, longevity, means or experience of death, wills & legacies, insurance benefits, sexual strength and attractiveness, occult subjects, secretive matters and intuition.

Aquarius – 7th house- for you this falls in the descendant the house opposite of self, therefore it indicates issues with partnerships, spouse, married life, sexual passions, residence in foreign countries and courts.

Pisces – 6th house- for you the force is absorbed and expressed through areas of life comprised of health, illness, disease, enemies, competitors (seen and unseen), foes, jealous people, daily jobs – service – details, subordinates, tenants, maids, litigation and court matters.

The qualities and associations of Leo will be present in all of these areas, qualities like Pleasures, Fun, Playfulness, Entertainment, Creativity, Recognition, Compliments, Romance, Love Affairs, Sex, Offspring, Children, Childlike Activities, Childishness, Taking Risks,

Gambling, Sports, Games, Drama, Limelight, Applause, Hospitality, Appreciation

Exactly how this transformation will manifest will depend on things like aspects by benefic or malefic planets, current planetary dasha, where the Sun (lord of the house) is posited in the natal horoscope and its relation to its own house ie. sun posited 6 houses away may bring conflicts to the house of the eclipse because its 6th from its own house. Furthermore this solar eclipse takes place on a Hanged Man day in tarot numerology, and this occultist associates the hanged man with the kings in the tarot deck and in such, this eclipse, is about becoming a king in our own right as heir to the throne of Magha.

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