Waiting for a harvest

Great Harvest of 2017

Bi Annual Report

The astrological harvest for 2017 is that of healing. When one considers the seasons and how they pertain to the cycles or patterns of life it’s easy to understand one cannot prevent the change of seasons, they come and go at the will of the universe. All humanity can do is weather the change and prepare for what’s coming next.

birth/sprout = spring

growth/vegetation = summer

life work/bloom = fall

reward/harvest; winter.

The Spring equinox of 2017, transpired Monday March 20th on the 23rd day of the Shatabhisha (100 physicians or 100 medicines) lunar cycle carrying with it the power of healing. The five (5) points/elements of this day reveal some key facts of what will come to harvest this year.

First, the Solar/fire energy (Vara) of this year works through the moon, representing the mind, common sense, memory and mass consciousness but most of all growth & fertility.

Second, the Lunar/water energy (Tithi) of this year works though Shiva giving it a destructive nature to wash away conflict or obstructions.

Third, the Mental/air energy (Nakshatra/lunar mansion) of this year works through Mula ‘the roots’ with Ketu offering Gana (wisdom, knowledge, discrimination), natural healing, enlightenment, psychic ability possessing the power to ruin and destroy.

Fourth, the Physical Movement/earth energy (Karana) of this year works though the house and energy of Sagittarius connected to beliefs, ideologies, philosophies, higher knowledge, faith, law, luck and fortune also attributed to father, gurus, spiritual teachers.

Fifth, the Psyche/aether energy (Yoga) of this year comes out of Dhanishta nakshatra ‘the wealthiest’ ‘the most beneficent’ as translated. Shiva is the deity of Aquarius and this nakshatra is a blending of Capricorn and Aquarius qualities that imbue the power to give fame and abundance this year.

This 5 point evaluation can be given to each season because they build upon each other throughout the solar cycle. This should be matched against a personal horoscope to determine how this might impact any given nativity.

So the birth of this year comes from the Shatabhisha new moon seed of ‘100 medicines’ and with it the power of healing. The beginning of this new seasonal cycle emanates with healing energy that comes through the mind, destroying conflicts or obstructions in order to penetrate the roots receiving enlightenment. Important to mention is the opposition and retrograde motion of both devas Venus and Jupiter, the material and spiritual gurus. They point to this healing energy being internalized as personal happiness and philosophy with exaltation on Venus. Saturn forward motion in Mula is a great friend for this healing. Its organized structure extends out from the roots through time and space.

And all that was the energy of the first quarter, bringing these issues to the forefront for all people, on some level or another. Pushing us all towards following our own personal paths, purpose, and transformation. This stage of our year was a time that the first shoots of structure were being formed that would hold the weight of the fruit produced in the growth and blooming stage.

The Summer solstice of 2017, Wednesday June 21st on the 27th day of the Rohini “growing one” lunar cycle. The nature of this season is productive and supports all types of growth during this time. This is the stage of growth for the healing energy of working through this new year.

The FIRE energy of this season came through mercury, where the communication going on or in some cases not going on was communicating that process of healing. How each of us hear or apply it will depend on the condition of the horoscope.

The WATER energy came pouring out through Mercury being connected to this lunar day and carried with it a recognition of fame or importance depending on the condition of mercury for each of us experiencing this celestial energy.

The Air of the summer season worked through the nakshatra of Bharani ruled by Venus connecting this season to the initiatory stages of healing through relationships or communications. The symbol for this nakshatra is the (Y) yoni, so it does have a direct sexual association. It is also connected to the deva Yama, the god of death, figuratively or literally in its context death is but an illusion as energy only transitions from one form to another.

The EARTH of this season moves with the speed of Mercury, who’s given charge over the second half of this lunar day and the sign of Gemini which enhances the qualities of communication, speech, change, exploration, adaptability and freedom.

Finally, the AETHER of our summer came out of Chitra the bright jewel and the charge of Mars energy over these few months. The nature of this nakshatra is to create, create and create and do so in balance and harmony.

The Solar eclipse happened August 21st in Magha nakshatra with the promise of the ending of an old way and new beginnings. An eclipse brings about a soul level transformation in a year founded on healing the Jupiter/Venus aspects of ourselves. How this energy is received and how it’s manifested will depend on each horoscope.

Another notable aspect of this season is that since April 6th Saturn Rx was not restricting any of this energy as it penetrated back into the sidereal sign of Scorpio at the solstice with the purpose of finishing up the karmic work it’s been doing for the last few years. This flow of energy becomes real and starts to take structure clearing away last minute hidden issues, fears and doubts when it goes direct on August 25th.

Furthermore, the message of this season gets received on September 3rd, when Rx Mercury meets Mars on the exact degree of the solar eclipse. The King’s message will be delivered by Mercury to Mars, who will then get to work ridding the battlefield of all enemies that stand in the way of the King’s mission of healing something, for us all this year.

The Autumn equinox of 2017, Friday September 22nd on the 3rd day of the Uttara phalguni ‘the latter fig tree’ lunar cycle. This season brings the promise of accumulation and prosperity which of course fit perfectly with the stage of bloom. This is the season where results of the first two seasons/stages begin to manifest and bear its healing fruit for harvest.

The FIRE energy of this season burns through the energy of Venus, the exalted deva of our year emphasising personal happiness and relationships that bring about healing and just a few days before the equinox passed the eclipse point in Magha from where she was being liberated 12th from the Sun.

The WATER energy of this season flows through ‘Parvati’ who is the “Mother of All” and the furious fire of Mars purifying this element ensuring victory for this season. The nature of this lunar day is ‘one that gives power’. This is where the emotional consciousness of this season resides.

The AIR energy of this season blows in from the lunar mansion of Swati ‘self-going’ meaning this is happening of its own accord and the nature of this mansion is balance and it promotes individuality (wholeness). Rahu lords the mansion here functioning on its lower aspects this can be a materialistic time of self indulgence for some looking for comfort and luxury, its higher aspects result in diplomacy, universal love, compassion and harmony.

The EARTH energy of this season is working through aspects of Jupiter posited in the Venus ruled sign of Libra, this causes movement in the combination of their associations. Our ideologies and beliefs in relationships, romance, harmony, balance, law and court issues.

Finally, the AETHER energy radiating in the atmosphere this season is ‘Indra’ from lunar mansion Ardra meaning “fresh” or “the moist one” and having as its symbol, a diamond teardrop. Connected to the deity “Rudra” meaning the terrible seen as the god of storms. However the nature here, is that of constant transformation and change but it comes with the power to make the effort to weather the storms.

Tying the energy of this season together shows that this healing comes through these relationships and becomes the fruit for harvest at the end of its season when it’s ripe. All this energy making its way through our philosophy of relationships. Remember, Venus identifies the wife for a man, and Jupiter identifies the husband for a woman even though she may chase and marry Mars ie. destructive relationships. This energy is about changing that cycle and living personal truths and values for happiness that brings healing.

Saturn’s direct energy in Scorpio is giving this newness longevity once the old is cleared away. And pushing through Sagittarius and Mula after Oct 12th it’s going to be about being a living example of it. Saturn says, it’s nice that that’s what you have faith in and believe, now do as you say, live your faith and abide by your code of ethics.

It is important to mention again, that these influences and indications will work through each being in alignment with the natal horoscope. Things such as house placements, transits, dashas and other factors will affect how this energy is received. The solar eclipse gave us all a promise of ending the old and starting a new, even if this year feels tough and may have had a negative impact, this is a year of healing and it abounds in this stage of this solar cycle.

The Winter solstice of 2017, Thursday December 21st on the 4th day of the Mula “the innermost core” lunar cycle. This is where the mental activity / AIR started this spring. This harvest is about the healing of root issues regarding personal philosophies, teachings, beliefs leading to personal happiness in relationships.

The Fire energy works through Jupiter the spiritual guru and lord of the sign in which this lunar cycle is born and therefore emphasises the significations that it bestows on all. Money, wealth, luck, long distance travel, wisdom, compassion, and devotion being some of those associated with this luminary.

The Water energy flows through the knowledge of destructive forces brought to light by Ganesha and Yama both being associated with this lunar day. The deva ruling this day is Saturn, again it has been purposefully preparing the foundation to build a healthy future and structure upon, and this is the reward of this harvest.

The Air energy whips in from the nakshatra of Shravana, meaning ‘hearing’, and its essence is about listening, learning and teaching. This an energy that brings peace with its surroundings when functioning in its higher aspect. In its lower nature all its qualities are used for selfish means. This here is a combination of Moon/Saturn energy, the conscious listening, learning and teaching is combined with the wisdom of experience.

The Earth energy moves in with and under the influence of Venus in the fiery sign and nakshatra of Mula, reaping this root healing in relationship issues that each need healing. Venus was exalted in Pisces, the other sign ruled by Jupiter, at the start of the year. Really showing the combination of healing that we have for harvest.

The Aether energy comes from out of purva ashadha connected to the water goddess Apah, and ruled by none other than Venus. An this here is about invincibility. It carries the intense conviction that it can’t loose. This really is about the joy of living.

This years harvest is for the healing of our personal philosophies and relationships. This is a powerful year that is going to bring many people close together and others apart for the healing of all. How this healing is received, is specific to each individual horoscope.

It’s my prayer, that we each see the value of what is before us and how these energies are coming into each of our lives at this time so that we can each find the healing we all need. These endings and beginnings are ordained this year. What’s leaving is gone, what’s blooming for harvest is food for the soul.

If you would like a personal evaluation of your sidereal horoscope to find out how you personally will receive this healing, contact Ahk DahYoud at 8thhousetarot.com and schedule a private consultation.

May we all be healed in the light of love.