November 2017 Forecast

We come into the month of November with a full moon bright in the lunar mansion called, the bearer, in the constellation of Aries. This moon bore the light of individuality, initiating an ending and beginning involving relationships, of all sorts. The power of the moon in this mansion is to cleanse and purify consciousness. This energy leads into a new moon cycle that starts on Saturday the 18th, when we reach the waters of Scorpio.

This full moon energy embodied the transformational qualities of the Queen of Swords and the Queen of Wands Tarot cards. The sun in the part of the sky attributed to the Queen of Swords, and moon where the Queen of Wands lays claim. The day of this full moon is governed by the Lovers card, connected to Gemini, and the expression of freedom and acceptance of personal choice. All of these speak to removing the masks in relationships and claiming our personal dominion by taking control of our individuality within all personal interactions.

November is the 11th month of the Gregorian calendar, which by use and acceptance, is empowered across the globe. It is by this system of numbers, that we self identify through our birth date and continuation of record. Our birth date, when added up and reduced to a single digit reveals our personal life path number. Yet, November marks the 9th month of the solar year, the period of gestation complete; reaping the harvest of life.

This month in 2017, falls under the influence of the Universe (The World) card, further emphasizing November being a month of completion, fulfillment and accomplishment. The Hebrew letter Tav on the universe card seals the ending of this cycle. Saturn brings a finality, while at the same time creating longevity for a structured foundation moving towards the future.

Saturn (the taskmaster), is now transiting through the constellation of Sagittarius. Sagittarius, the natural 9th house, as a sign represents philosophies, all higher education, faith, worship, summarizing the what and how we communicate with the outside world. Saturn in this constellation says,

“Don’t tell me what you believe, show me what you believe. Don’t talk about it, be about it.”

Saturn here tasks by giving us opportunities to demonstrate our faith. As the planetary disciplinarian, if we fail to live up to personal virtues, spiritual teachings and faiths, the next two and a half years may be difficult if not applied and incorporated into our daily living. On the flip side, the rewards are long lasting when given by Saturn. Keep these things in mind as we are approaching the close of the Autumn season. How these transits are experienced depend specifically on the ascendant sign and planetary placements of a personal horoscope.

The November new moon falls on a day governed by the spirit of the Hanged Man. It take place in the lunar mansion called, ‘forked branch’, connecting the constellation of Libra with Scorpio where this lunar cycle begins. This part of the sky is attributed to the King of Cups which is connected to emotional extremes, there’s usually no middle ground under this energy. The power of manifestation, is contained in this mansion and the energy here is fixated on achieving its goals. The question becomes, what goals are being set?

The Hanged man suggest the need to surrender and make a sacrifice for enlightenment, and this may require a new perspective as we complete things during this lunar cycle, even in the face of the emotional extremes and manipulations present in the King of Cups. Little peace is offered during this cycle because of its nature to achieve its goals, so expect a busy month to follow this new moon completing the tasks at hand and managing through the holidays.

This lunar mansion is connected to the energy of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Ketu and Pluto. Philosophies, relationships, drive, achievement and transformation, are all included here in 9th lunar cycle of the year. This should be considered the birth of a healing that 2017 promised at the vernal equinox. Reach for it and take it. The time is now for each to take delivery and complete the process of fulfillment.

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May you all have enough.