Jupiter Venus meet in Libra

Monday November 13th 2017

No doubt you have already been feeling the approach of this conjunction since the full moon on November 3rd in the lunar mansion of ‘the bearer’. This was borne of a new moon cycle that came out of the lunar mansion of ‘brilliance’ and was a reflection of the sun in the mansion of ‘the self-goer’, highlighting our independence in and out of relationships. The benefic union of Jupiter and Venus happens during the last quarter of this lunar cycle, meaning this is about bringing things to a close in relationships. This will be most significant for Aries and Libra because it happens on the 1st and 7th axis of the horoscope.

Let me break it down a little more and illustrate this transit energy with the help of the tarot cards associated with what we have developing. The governing spirit of November is that of the ‘Universe’ (the world). It’s the 11th month of 2017, a year influencing the turning of the ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

XXI The Universe rs.png

This represents the completion of a cycle, but as the spiral of life whirls about the close, it is also the beginning. The task is to put a seal on the end of this cycle and move forward. It may be hard to let go of the things which one has grown attached to and that were made part of self-identity. Now is the time to embrace this new beginning.

VIII Adjustment rs.png

This cosmic union happens in the star constellation of Libra, making ‘Adjustment’ (Judgement) and the need to stay balanced while moving with the melody of life that the universe brings with the cycling of time.

X Fortune rs.png III The Empress rs.png

Jupiter represents our personal philosophies and Venus highlights personal pleasure, both now joined here in the sign of partnership, in the scales of balance. This is about blending and bringing a balance of philosophy and personal happiness into our relationships with others. Thus, relationships that are out of balance may find it difficult to make it through this transit. The blessing is to amicably move on for the sake of all involved instead of forcing what is failing, to work. Others are being introduced to potential new relationships that bring these qualities together.

This conjunction takes place in the part of the sky attributed to the ‘three of swords’, suggesting that this could bring sorrow for some who are not yet ready to move out these old cycles and patterns. The wheel of fortune speaks to recognizing those patterns and cycles. It is up to us to make the most of it by giving it our attention and remaining aware of what we need for happiness in relationships. The attribution of Saturn in this card tells us that self-discipline is required.

Swords III rs.png

This does not have to be felt in a negative way as the completion here brings an end to the sorrow of not being in balance. If you are in a relationship this is the sorrow of letting go, if you are single, this is the sorrow of being alone.

How this transit will affect you will depend on your ascendant sign and where these two luminaries are positioned in the personal horoscope. If you are interested in finding out how this transit will affect you personally and want a private consultation, one can be scheduled at 8thhousetarot.com

Wish you all the best as we move through this transit and into a new lunar cycle starting on the 18th of November bringing us into the deep waters of Scorpio.

May you all have enough!