‘Innermost Core’ New Moon

December 18th 2017

As we come to the close of the year, our last new moon of 2017 happens in the lunar mansion called the ‘innermost core’. Its symbol is a ‘tied bunch of roots’. Relaying the message that this new moon cycle will potentially send many probing and searching to get to the ‘root’ of things and depending on the individual, could be either on the material or spiritual plane. This is a relentless energy that will stop at nothing until it has exercised its will.

This lunar mansion is in the ‘sidereal zodiac’ sign of Sagittarius ruled by benefic Jupiter which is currently transiting ‘sidereal’ Libra, giving lessons through and in relationships. Although this mansion has the power to ‘ruin and destroy’, being in this dual sign, it is also constructive. The purpose is to cut out and destroy things that have lost their value. It acts on impulse which can lead to regret in hindsight if not careful or acting within universal will.

As a sign, Sagittarius influences philosophy, religious faith, idealism, optimism, imagination, justice, spiritual growth and higher knowledge. Jupiter, as ruler of this sign indicates prosperity, opportunity, spirituality, compassion and wisdom. The ‘innermost core’ is also connected with Ketu, the south node of the moon, which stores past life karma and releases them into the present life when conditions are right and thus also stores past life skills required to fulfill goals in the present life. As an indicator, Ketu is attributed to enlightenment, natural healing methods, psychic ability and astral forces.

This process of getting to the roots of our innermost core can offer healing and enlightenment for those who are seeking truest knowledge and self-realization. This process may not be pleasant for some who are attached to things that have lost their value. Universal will has the evolution of your soul in mind. It has the intention of bringing us to a place of healing, which requires the destruction of those things preventing its fulfillment.

Important to mention here all seven (7) classical planets are posited in three (3) signs which are ‘sidereal’ Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius affecting ‘relationships’, ‘hidden mysteries’ and ‘philosophy/spirituality’. Jupiter and Mars in Libra are influencing passion and opportunity in and through ‘relationships’. The Sun, Venus and Rx Mercury in Scorpio influencing vision, pleasure and communication over ‘secretive and hidden matters’. Saturn is in Sagittarius tasking us to work on our philosophy and spirituality.

This is an interplay of energy that can bring about major transformation on many levels. This month holds many challenges and many rewards. Be mindful of the energy at play because it is influencing us all. However, the experience and how it unfolds will depend specifically on each individual nativity.

May this article and the contents within, be a seed that sends you seeking your ‘innermost core’. Many texts reference our relation to the ‘stars’ and how it started the basis for modern psychology. It forms our connection with the divine through our astrological cosmology and it has become a basis for self-identity, therefore connecting it to the ego. In the west, the mass populous has embraced the ‘tropical zodiac’ which is not connected to the star bodies in the heavens while the ‘sidereal zodiac’ does.

During this time the skill of listening, learning and applying are important. If you follow the tropical zodiac, it is now time to connect to your roots embedded in the stars. Research your stellar ‘sidereal’ horoscope with open-mindedness and you will find a truer knowledge of self during this lunar cycle.

May we all find our way to the ‘innermost core’.

Ahk DahYoud

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